Medical-Dental Benefits Card

How to get started:

  1. Complete the Medical-Dental Benefits Company Enrolment form to set up your company's customized plan.
  2. We collect employee information via an employee census or new employee enrolment forms.
  3. Your company sends us 10-25% of your employee's annual limits by either company cheque, e-transfer, or online bill payment.
  4. Within 4-6 business days, the Medical-Dental Benefits cards will be delivered to your employees as arranged with Cost Efficient Benefit Plan.
  5. A presentation will be organized to instruct the employees on how to use their new Medical-Dental Benefit cards and customized portals.
  6. Welcome emails with instructions and personal login details will be sent to all employees on the official start date.
  7. Employees can use their personal Medical-Dental Benefits card for medically necessary expenses.

Plan Setup for Existing Clients